How to Stay Motivated Throughout a Workout Program

Setting a fitness goal is simple. Sticking to it, however, is a completely different story. So many people develop a workout routine but fail to keep up with it for more than a handful of sessions. Staying motivated when it feels like you aren't making any progress is tough. But if you are able to push through this initial slump, you'll be greatly rewarded with real results from all your hard work. Here are three ways to stay motivated when starting a workout routine.

Set Short Term Goals

It's great to set long-term goals for weight loss or your fitness performance. But when all you are doing is focusing on these long-term goals that are 6 months down the road or more, the mindset of "I'm never going to make it" quickly sets in. Or you might find yourself thinking, "It doesn't matter if I skip this one workout. I'll make up for it next time," but "next time" never comes.

Along with your long-term goals, set short-term goals that challenge you, but are achievable within two weeks. You might aim to do 15 push ups or jog a mile on the treadmill. Reaching your goals gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment, motivating you to keep going. Once you've completed your short-term goal, set a new one to focus on. Our Fitness Fusion Classes are the perfect boost to get these short term goal mentality started!